• Career of Our Students

Career of Our Students

Careers after graduation

The skills that are developed by studying nuclear engineering can be applied to various fields. The studies conducted at the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management are closely linked to several fields in science and engineering. Therefore, many competent specialists who are working at the forefront of society have been trained by our department, and our alumni network is spread out all over the world. Studying at our department will be very beneficial to the future careers of our students. Our alumni work in diverse fields including manufacturing, service, finance, IT, consulting, governmental agencies, foundations, universities, and research institutions.

  • Careers after completing the master’s degree

    [From last 5 years] (Graduates between 2018 and 2022)

Heavy industry・Electronics industry
NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL,TOSHIBA CORPORATION,Hitachi, Ltd.,Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation,Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD., Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Other manufacturing industry
Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation,AGC Inc., Canon, KOBE STEEL, LTD., TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Japan, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION,NIPPON STEEL, FUJIFILM, Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd., RICOH, JFE Engineering Corporation, Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd., Tower Partners Semiconductor Co., Ltd .
Power / Energy industry
THE KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO., INK.,KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC.,Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.,Tohoku-Electric Power Co., Inc., The Japan Atomic Power Company,Hokuriku Electric Power Company, The Chugoku Electric Power co.,inc.,TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd.
Information / Telecommunications industry
KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.,Cisco Systems Inc., SoftBank, IBM Japan, Ltd.,Japan Communications Inc., Yahoo Japan Corporation,Rakuten, Inc.,KDDI, NTT Communications, NTT DATA Corporation
Finance / Insurance / Trading industry
Chubb Insurance Japan (ACE Insurance),Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.,Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.,THE DAI-ICHI LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED,Deutsche Bank, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.,MUFG Bank, Ltd., J. P. Morgan
Consulting service
Accenture, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC,Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.,Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., Roland Berger Ltd., Altran Technologies,Frith Engineering Consultants, Bain & Company, oRo Co., Ltd.
Government agency
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Japan, Ministry of the Environment,Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry,Nuclear Regulation Authority,Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan,Tokyo Metropolitan Government, National Environment Agency Singapore
University / Laboratory

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology(TINT),Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry,The University of Tokyo,The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan,University of the Philippines,Hokkaido University, University of the Philippines,RIKEN, JAEA

DENTSU INC., Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA,Hakuhodo Inc., East Japan Railway Company,Ambassade de France au Japon,PC DEPOT Corporation, MITSUI & CO., LTD.,Gigakogy Inc., Innovexcite Consulting Service, Shunfeng Technology Co., Ltd., Amazon Web Services, ACES, Guangdong Experimental High School

Main places of employment

Master course

Doctor course; 4 / Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.; 2 / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation; 2 / Accenture; 2 / The Chugoku Electric Power co.,inc. / Hitachi, Ltd. / Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd. / NIPPON STEEL / Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. / Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. / Bain & Company / Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. / Deutsche Bank / Amazon Web Services / Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. / oRo Co., Ltd. / ACES
Doctor course; 3 / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.; 2 / Hitachi, Ltd. / Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation / THE KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO., INK. / NIPPON STEEL / TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Japan / NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION / IBM Japan, Ltd. / SoftBank / Deutsche Bank / Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. / Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Japan / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry /Hakuhodo Inc. / PC DEPOT Corporation /Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /Innovexcite Consulting Service / National Environment Agency, Singapore /Gigakogy Inc. / Shunfeng Technology Co., Ltd.
Doctor course; 3 / IBM Japan / JANUS / Japan Communications Inc. / FUJIFILM / J. P. Morgan / NTT Communications; 2 / PwC / NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL / MLI Systems Inc. / Simplex Inc. / Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. / Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. / TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. / MRI Research Associates / Hitachi, Ltd. / FUTURE / Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative / SUMMY
Doctor course; 4 / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. ; 2/ TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd./ Tohoku-Electric Power Co., Inc. / Hitachi, Ltd./ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.;/ NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION / TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION /Link and Motivation Group/KDDI /SoftBank/Simplex Inc. /ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd. /OCCTO, Japan / Ministry of Finance, Japan / Roland Berger Ltd. / Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. /Willis Towers Watson /SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. /Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. /Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. /IBM Japan /Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. /Accenture /Nuctech Co., Ltd.
TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd.; 2 / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. / The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. / Schlumberger Limited. / PwC / OSAKA GAS CO.,LTD / Moriya City government office / MITSUI & CO., LTD. / KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. / JNFL Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited. / JAPAN NUS CO., LTD. / Hitachi, Ltd.; 2 / Fuji Television Network, Inc. / East Japan Railway Company / DREAM INCUBATOR INC. / doctor course; 7 / Development Bank of Japan Inc. / DENTSU INC. / CEMEDINE Co., ltd. / Canon Inc. / AREVA・JAPAN
Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation / TOSHIBA CORPORATION; 2 / Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. / TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. / The Boston Consulting Group / Philippine Nuclear Research Institute / Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, JAPAN (OCCTO) / Nuclear Regulatory Agency / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan / KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. / IBM / HOSHINO GAKKI / Hitachi, Ltd.; 3 / doctor course; 3 / DENSO CORPORATION / Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation / TOSHIBA CORPORATION / Tokyo Electric Power Services CO.,Ltd. / THE CHUGOKU ELECTRIC POWER CO.,INC. / Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. / SoftBank Corp. / Roland Berger Ltd. / Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) / MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.; 2 / Mitsubishi Corporation / Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan / INPEX CORPORATION; 2 / Hitachi, Ltd.; 2 / Fairway Solutions Inc. / doctor course; 7 / CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc. / BANK OF JAPAN / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

Doctor course

The University of Tokyo; 4 / Tribhuvan University / RIKEN / Tower Partners Semiconductor Co., Ltd . / Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute / Guangdong Experimental High School
The University of Tokyo; 4 /Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry; 2 /Tokyo Institute of Technology /Louisiana State University /National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology / The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan / Nuclear Regulation Authority / JAEA / KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc. /Nuclear Development Corporation/TDK /Plus Class, Inc. /AIR LIQUIDE Japan GK./ Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Japan
The University of Tokyo / Hitachi, Ltd. / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry / JAEA / RICOH / The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan / Asia Pacific Energy Reserch Centre
The University of Tokyo; 3 / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) / Khulna University of Engineering & Technology / HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY / China Academy of Engineering Physics
Tokyo Medical and Dental University The University of Tokyo RIKEN, Japan Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
The University of Tokyo; 5 / The Institute of Applied Energy / National Institute of Radiological Sciences / Chinese Academy of Engineering
University of Notre Dame / The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan / Japan Atomic Energy Agency / Hitachi, Ltd.

Voices of graduates/current students

  • Shota UEDA

    Shota UEDADoctoral course completed on March 2019


    Shota UEDA

    Doctoral course completed on March 2019

    Invaluable experience

    I studied mechanical engineering during my undergraduate years. After that, I completed a master’s program and earned my Ph.D. degree in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management (Okamoto laboratory) in 2019. During my graduate years, I was engaged in research on severe accidents of nuclear power plants, which is known as a national topic. This research topic requires advanced-visualization experiments and state-of-the-art simulation methods, and therefore, it was abundant in creativity. Furthermore, it contributes to the Fukushima’s rebuilding. I have been feeling the worth and satisfaction in tackling this challenging topic. I was all wrapped up in my research day and night. I could steadily carry out research while being advised by my supervisor and the labmates and I encourage each other. I gained many chances for presenting the findings at international conferences, and some of the research achievements were published in international journals because the high-impact results were obtained. I also studied at Imperial College London in the UK with comprehensive support by the department and the laboratory because this research required international collaboration. It was an irreplaceable experience of participating in international joint research. Owing to these opportunities, I could meet brilliant researchers with various ideas and skills and have an active discussion with them, which lead to the improvement of my creative insight and logical thinking. Consequently, I graduated with a half-year reduced enrollment period and won the Dean’s Award (Outstanding Research Award) because the excellence of my research achievements was recognized. I obtained the permanent position in the research institute as I wished to though I was totally absorbed in the research activity during the programs. Invaluable experiences at the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management increased my self-confidence. I believe these experiences would be helpful and precious for me throughout my life.


    Yuri YOSHIHARADoctoral course completed on March 2019



    Doctoral course completed on March 2019

    Fruitful student life in Nuclear Engineering and Management

    Since a research work for radiation measurement that I conducted for my graduate thesis was so exciting to me, I decided to enter the department of Nuclear Engineering and Management in order to explore radiation measurement more. I could improve communication skill in English because the all lectures of this department were taken in English. Besides, usual conversation with students from foreign countries or different backgrounds helped me with understanding diverse cultures and thoughts. About the research work, I belonged to Prof. Takahashi’s laboratory, one of the world-leading laboratories in radiation measurement field. I had been working on a research of gamma-ray imaging technologies for visualizing the distribution of radioactive cesium spread by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which was a challenging topic proposed by my professor. Through working hard and encouraging each other with laboratory members, I was able to acquire deep expertise about advanced technologies with fulfilling student life. Because I was adopted as one of fellowship members (DC1) from Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), I could concentrate my research work under economical support from JSPS. Besides, during the doctoral course, I could have an opportunity to join the collaboration research with UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for almost six months under the support of long-term overseas travel from a program for leading graduate schools (GSDM). I think my vision has expanded through the experience of the studying abroad, and this experience also helped me with growing as researcher. Looking back on my five-year student life at this department, I am satisfied with having such a fruitful time to acquire knowledge and experience through connecting with many people. After graduation, fortunately I obtained a research position of a private company where I can take advantage of my expertise cultivated through the student life. In the company, I would need to work together with various people more flexibly, but I hope to contribute to society through developing radiation-measurement technologies by utilizing the experience gained in this department

  • Yuki Mori

    Yuki MoriD3 (as of April 2021)


    Yuki Mori

    D3 (as of April 2021)

    You can acquire the world-class abilities in this department

    After I graduated from SDM course in department of systems innovation, I was interested in research to combine numerical simulation and computer graphics, so I went to Sakai-Lab, which is in the department of nuclear engineering and management. The Sakai Laboratory has huge research achievements in multi-physics simulation, and the latest computer hardware and experimental equipment are introduced to the laboratory. The Sakai laboratory develops state-of-the-art physical models and try to reveal physical phenomena of multiphase flows. As international research activities in the laboratory, prominent researchers visit the laboratory from around the world, international seminars are held, and international collaborative research is performed. I was given an international collaborative research theme with University of Surrey in the UK and stayed University of Surrey for a month. It was worthwhile to actively discuss with co-workers during stay and improve the quality of the research, and a paper summarizing the research results were published in famous international scientific journals. In addition, I got a total of 8 awards at academic conferences both in Japan and overseas in the master's program. These research results were highly regarded, and I received the dean’s award (an outstanding research award) when I got a master’s degree. I decided to go to Ph.D. course, because I would like to improve my research. In addition, I will be selected the research fellowships for young scientists in JSPS when I go to Ph.D. course.
    Since all lectures are held in English at this department, you can increase your communication skills in English. You can also experience the global diversity through the communication with many international students. Consequently, I hope that you will be able to acquire world-class broad perspectives and abilities. We welcome you to acquire the world-class ability in our department.

  • Oyunbileg Tugs

    Oyunbileg TugsMaster course completed on March 2019


    Oyunbileg Tugs

    Master course completed on March 2019

    Fun research in an environment full of possibilitiess

    The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management School of Engineering is friendly with students from other laboratories and provides a friendly environment. There are many students from abroad or from other universities domestically and students with various backgrounds gather together there. I’m also from Mongolia and, although I studied at another university in the country, I was able to fit in immediately after matriculating into the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management School of Engineering. Also, at the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management School of Engineering, there are many studies being carried out including nuclear energy as well as radiation therapy, laser or accelerator development and it is possible to find a research topic that suits every individual. I became a member of the Ishikawa Sato laboratory which studies the latest interactions between lasers and atoms/molecules. It’s because I had interest in the behavior of electrons over an extremely short period of time. It differs from my research topic while at university, but I continue to have fun researching it every day.

  • Yutaro Isono

    Yutaro Isono Master course completed on March 2021


    Yutaro Isono

    Master course completed on March 2021

    Fulfilling student life and the state-of-the-art research in an international environment

    After graduating from System Design Management Course in Department of Systems Innovation, I entered Ishikawa-Sato laboratory of Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management. I learned the depth of quantum mechanics and the frontier of numerical simulations during my graduation research in this laboratory, for which I was awarded the excellent thesis prize. The research experience also reminds me how it is important to make steady efforts to tackle with new challenges, just as I learned from my career in the University of Tokyo baseball club. I am currently working on the state-of-the-art simulation study for a deeper understanding of the interaction between radiation light and matters. I am enjoying a fulfilling and stimulating student life with excellent, international colleagues.

  • Yoshiki TANI

    Yoshiki TANIMaster course completed on March 2021


    Yoshiki TANI

    Master course completed on March 2021

    A fulfilling research life in a privileged academic environment

    I was enrolled in Department of Nuclear Engineering & Management from E & E Course in Department of Systems Innovation. Fujii-Komiyama laboratory which I am belonging to mainly conducts large-scale numerical computational simulation analysis on energy systems and resilience. In my graduation thesis, I developed a world's most advanced global energy model in Fujii-Komiyama laboratory and analyzed the possibility of zero CO2 emissions in global energy sector. The structure of the global energy model is an extremely difficult mathematical model without advanced and large amount of knowledge for energy problems. Thanks to the careful guidance of excellent seniors and academic advisors in the laboratory, however, I gained interesting results ahead of the world. The results of my graduation thesis showed interests by faculty members in E & E Course in Department of Systems Innovation, and I was able to receive the Japan Atomic Energy Society Fellow Award. In Department of Nuclear Engineering & Management, you can definitely send a fulfilling research life in such a privileged academic environment. From now on, I will work hard with excellent colleagues, and would like to hold on to the world's most advanced research results and try hard to be recognized.

  • Yoshiki Tsunemoto

    Yoshiki TsunemotoMaster course completed on March 2020


    Yoshiki Tsunemoto

    Master course completed on March 2020

    What I learned in Department on Nuclear Engineering and Management

    After graduating from the System Design and Management Course at the Systems Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, I went on to the Master's Program at Department on Nuclear Engineering and Management. I belonged to the Kasahara Laboratory for both undergraduate and master's programs. When I couldn't see the path that works for me, I could touch the personality of Prof. Kasahara, and I was convinced that he could grow me with little knowledge. I thought too that I could contribute to society through research on nuclear safety.
    After being assigned to lab, I was able to enjoy my research with the support of Prof. Kasahara and other staff members. Thanks to that, I received the Fellow Award for Atomic Energy Society of Japan for my graduation research, and also won the President's Award for master's study. Besides, through nuclear engineering, which is a comprehensive science and technology that combines expertise in various fields, I began to think from multiple angles about various systems that are becoming more complex in the real world. I was looking for a job in many fields but ultimately decided to work for a nuclear research institute because I can use my expertise. I will continue to engage in nuclear engineering, and I hope you can see me as a senior from this department.

  • Rinako Yokoyama

    Rinako YokoyamaM2 (as of April 2021)


    Rinako Yokoyama

    M2 (as of April 2021)

    Believing my endless possibilities

    After I have graduated from SDM course in Department of Systems Innovation, I joined Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management (Sakai lab). When I was a third-year undergraduate student, I was wondering about my future career since I could not understand my strengths and weaknesses. Prof. Sakai, who was my mentor, said to me, "You must be able to devote yourself to anything you should do.” This word changed my mind about my possibilities. When choosing a theme for my graduation thesis, I felt anxious about becoming a member of the elites in Sakai Lab, but I wanted to struggle under a high-level environment. So I decided to belong to the Sakai lab. In my graduation thesis, I worked on a granular flow simulation for pharmaceuticals. The latest computing environment was provided, and Prof. Sakai gave me a thorough explanation of problem setting, how to proceed with the research and logical descriptions. I was able to write my thesis as getting advice from senior students in my group and encouraging each other with my contemporary. I worked hard on my graduation thesis until I was satisfied and challenged myself to make a presentation in English. My effort bore fruit, and I won the Excellent Graduation Thesis Award. When I heard the news of the award, I said "I made it!" in spite of myself. Through my writing of graduation thesis, I realized that continuous efforts help me to be confident. As a member of the Sakai Group, I will keep doing my best to make my research results evaluated in Japan and overseas, like my senior students.

  • Mariko Kobayashi

    Mariko KobayashiMaster course completed on March 2020


    Mariko Kobayashi

    Master course completed on March 2020

    A place for research where individuals can demonstrate their abilities

    When I was an undergraduate student, I studied various disease mechanisms and treatments at the Faculty of Life Sciences, and became interested in cutting-edge research on medical applications of radiation. As with me, there are many students who have different backgrounds in fields other than nuclear engineering. I joined Prof. Takahashi’s Laboratory, which is evaluated highly worldwide in the field of radiation measurement and its application. My supervisor, Prof. Hiroyuki Takahashi, understood my undergraduate background, and gave me an interdisciplinary research theme so that I can fully demonstrate my abilities. Specifically, I studied the effects and behaviors of molecular labeling with radioisotopes and fluorescent molecules on glucose. I was able to advance my research with the support of knowledge and equipment from collaborators both inside and outside the laboratory. Through this scientific research, I was able to not only deepen my specialized knowledge, but also cultivate the ability to think and act on my own. Thanks to that, I was able to win the Excellence Award in the poster session of the conference, which I attended in the autumn of the second year of the master course program. In addition, the laboratory consists of internationally-oriented members, and lectures are given in English, so English became a part of daily life and English communication skills were also improved. After graduation, I will work in a medical device screening and safety organization that could utilize the expertise I gained during my student days, as desired. I would like to contribute to society by taking advantage of the experience I gained in the department of Nuclear Engineering and Management.

Current Students

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