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  • 【受賞/表彰等】酒井研究室 高畑和弥さん(D1)が「第23回流動化・粒子プロセッシングシンポジウム」において優秀ポスター賞を受賞されました




【受賞/表彰等】酒井研究室 高畑和弥さん(D1)が「第23回流動化・粒子プロセッシングシンポジウム」において優秀ポスター賞を受賞されました

【受賞/表彰等】酒井研究室 高畑和弥さん(D1)が「第23回流動化・粒子プロセッシングシンポジウム」において優秀ポスター賞を受賞されました。










■学部・研究科、学科(類・課程)・専攻等 と 学年

工学系研究科原子力国際専攻 博士後期課程1年
















Kazuya Takabatake


■Faculty/Graduate School, Department (Stream / Program) / Major

PhD student, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management

School of Engineering


■Name of award and short explanation about the award

Best Poster Award


■About awarded research

A large-scale non-spherical particle system often encounters in the industry. From a view point of calculation cost, the calculation of a large-scale non-spherical system was substantially impossible by using the existing methods. For the quality control and the optimization of industrial process, it was desired to develop a new calculation model of non-spherical particle system which is applicable to a large-scale problem. In this study, we developed a new rolling friction model in DEM and coupled the rolling friction model with DEM coarse grain model for a large-scale system. Besides, we applied SDF/IBM to this model as a modeling of an arbitrary moving boundary. Through some verification tests such as a rolling cylindrical tank and a die-filling, the adequacy of our new model and its applicability to DEM coarse grain model were both proved. We succeeded to establish the new calculation model of a large-scale non-spherical particle system.


■Your impression & future plan

It’s my great pleasure to win this award. I really thank Prof. Mikio Sakai for his excellent supervision, and also all members of my laboratory. I will try to improve our researches.


Current Students

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