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【Awards and Commendations】Wang Kai (D2) won “Best paper Award ” at International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 26)

【Awards and Commendations】Wang Kai (D2) won “Best paper Award ” at International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 26)




First name: Kai

Family name: Wang


■Faculty/Graduate School, Department (Stream / Program) / Major

Graduate School of Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Management

Doctor 2


■Name of award and short explanation about the award

Icone26-Best paper

International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 26)

Date: July 22 2018 – July 26 2018, Sunday – Thursday

Location: London, England, UK


Icone26 is short for International conference on nuclear engineering, and is one of the most widely attended conferences in nuclear field. This best paper award goes to the selected students from all the students applied. This rewards intends to courage those who did a good job in their research.


■About awarded research


Preliminary Research on The Oxidation Effect Of The Carbon Steel Plate Of Downward Facing Pool Boiling By Two-Dimensional Image


CHF is the utmost part because it limits the upper threshold of the cooling effect in the external reactor vessel cooling (IVR-ERVC). This CHF experiment here used carbon steel plate on a downward face. And the growing tendency of the CHF with oxidation time was found. It was found that the more the oxidization was, the fewer bubbles were generated and the bigger the CHF was. We found that this increase is due to the change in the nucleation site density, not the wettability. Which is important in the knowing mechanism of CHF.


■Your impression & future plan

I would like to thank Prof. Koji Okamoto for his supporting for this conference. As my supervisor, he was really intelligent, diligent and setting a good example for me. Also I would like to thank JSME for selecting me as a qualified student and covered my hotel expenses.

Actually, I think this conference is a very good chance for us PHD students to get to know more about the world. First, we have the chance to know more of other’s work. There are so many people attending the meeting and knowing what they do is very important in deciding our own research way. And it is a good opportunity to communicate with the peers. Second, there are so many nice researchers whose names were only shown in their papers and this provide a chance to talk to them in person. What’s more, our presentation and English skills can be improved during the presentation and getting our work more known is also important. Last but not least, we have the chance to visit the conference place and know more about culture.

About future plan. After attending the conference, two more things needed to be done in my research. First is about a deeper research into the oxidation effect on the CHF including a more thorough study of the oxidation effect and whether there is a threshold of this effect. Another direction is using the current model to simulate the nucleation site density effect on the CHF.

And next year it will be held in Japan, we will work hard and share more of our research with others.





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