Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering



The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management in the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, offers advanced study and research opportunities to international students under the Special Graduate Program. The program offers Master's (two years) and Doctoral (three years) courses leading to the corresponding degrees. Lectures and instructions for research are given generally in English. Japanese language courses are optionally available.

Scholarships and Financial Aids

Selected applicants with outstanding academic records will be awarded the scholarship from the University of Tokyo or other institutions such as MEXT. Scholarships cover living expenses in Japan, admission fee and tuition fees. Allocation of scholarships will be undertaken during the screening process and scholarship offers will be made along with the final result.

Self-supporting students are responsible for their own fees and living expenses. There are a variety of scholarships that can be applied upon enrollment. However, competition for those scholarships at the university of Tokyo is extremely intense. For details, please refer to the following websites.

Self-supporting students can claim the exemption of Entrance Fee and Annual Tuition. Entrance Fee could be exempted a half or the whole of the total amount.

SEUT RA Fellowship : Type A and B (only for doctoral course student)

How to Apply

Applicants must apply for the program through the online application system "T-cens". All the required paper-based documents must be submitted as well via postal mail.

Action Deadline or period
(1) Create your account at T-cens By 2023/10/01 (3PM JST)
(2) Upload the application documents to T-cens From 2023/08/01 (3PM JST)
To 2023/10/10 (3PM JST)
(3) Mail the application documents to the office (a) Postmarked no later than 2023/10/13, AND
(b) Received by the office no later than 2023/10/20.
(4) Submit of the official score reports from the external testing centers Received by the office no later than 2023/10/20.

For the application procedures, please refer to both the “Application Guidelines for all Special English Graduate Programs” as well as the “Application Guideline for Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering 2024 Department of NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT”.

Please read the “Guidance Information” for general information on application.

Click the T-cens icon below to start the registration.

T-cens > T-cens

Guidance Information


Office of Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering
Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management
Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Engineering Bldg.No.3, Room 225
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-8656 Japan


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